It Takes you to Tango™ gets to the heart of teamwork through the art of dance with a team of dancers and speakers who unpack the competencies of collaboration in a most memorable, practical and entertaining way by using the metaphor of partner dancing.

You need It Takes You to Tango™ because while teams are the central work unit of every contemporary organization, you can’t afford the unhealthy conflict, politics and drama that creep into work teams and lead to false starts, rework and missed opportunities. Also because…

  • It is easy to put people in teams but much harder to create teamwork
  • 89% of well-educated, well-equipped, and well-paid team members still fail to work effectively as high-performing teams
  • Your diverse workforce is your most valuable asset but only if it can work well together
  • 96% of sales executives cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures
  • New ideas may be started by individuals, but they are improved and put into action by teams

You need It Takes You to Tango™ when your organization needs a reboot and a fresh perspective on collaboration. Also, when…

  • You have been talking about teamwork for years but your people are still working in siloes
  • Your best individual contributors are still making poor team players
  • Your high performers are getting burned out because they often carry the load of others
  • Your teams and task forces rework the same problems time and again without new solutions
  • You need to boost creativity, reduce turnover, or improve morale to change your bottom line

When you book It Takes You to Tango™, you get:

  • An unforgettable edutainment experience that sets a new tone of teamwork for your next sales, leadership, or association event
  • Audience involvement that brings your audience into the action and helps them take the collaboration model home for better and on-going results
  • A practical collaboration model and self-assessment for assessing and developing team performance back on the job

Special package options include:

  • On-stage Dancing-with-the Stars-style demonstration by one of your very own executives or VIPs with one of our dance team members.
  • On-site group dance lessons for your participants to enjoy the dance metaphor even more before, during, or after any evening gala or staff celebration.
  • On-site group dance lessons/parties for your spouse and significant-other program choices that will set your meeting apart for your participants’ with accompanying family members.
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Who Should Tango Into Teamwork?

It Takes You to Tango™ is perfect for:

  • Leadership retreats
  • All-hands staff meetings
  • Association conferences
  • Sales conventions
  • Special events and celebrations

Why Tango Your Next Event?

Because we leave your audience spinning into action!

As a result of their participation, your audience will:

  • Put down their cell phones and put away their laptops
  • Get involved, both mentally and physically
  • Look more closely at how they currently collaborate
  • Apply insights and practical tips back on the job immediately
  • Talk about this experience long after your conference is over, wondering how you’ll top this next year

The Dancers

Tom Davidson, CSP, PCC, SPHR

Ellen Davidson, RPh

Eleanor Robertson

Sales & Customer ServiceTeam

Peggy Newsome

Preslee-Anne Thomas

Let's Dance

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